Party Room

Q: What is included in the Splash Pad Party Room Package?
A: Our party room packages come with:
Two (2) hour private room rental
One (1) party attendant from Lakeside
Party decor
Food and beverage minimum of $400 before tax and administrative fees

Picnic Table

Q: What is included in the Splash Pad Picnic Table Package?
A: The picnic table package comes with:
Picnic Table rental for two (2) hours
One (1) Picnic Table for seating
One (1) Picnic Table for the food and beverages
Utensils and plates
Food and beverage minimum of $250 before tax and administrative fees

Splash Pad

Q: Are shoes required?
A: Yes, water shoes are required.


Q: Should I bring my own towel or do you provide towels?
A: Yes, you should bring your own towel. We do not sell towels at Lakeside.


Q: Can I purchase sunscreen, towels and/or water shoes at Lakeside?
A: We recommend that you bring your own sunscreen, towels and or water shoes as the venue does not sell these items.


Q: Are chaperones required?
A: Yes, one chaperone is required for every five (5) children on the splash pad.


Q: Is there an admission fee for the Splash Pad?
A: No, there is no admission fee to enter the splash pad.


Q: If it rains, do you close the Splash Pad?
A: The splash pad will close if there is thunder, lightning or severe weather conditions. If it is just raining, the splash pad will remain open.


Q: Can a child with a diaper go in the Splash Pad?
A: Yes, but they must wear a bathing suit over the diaper.


Q: How many Kids and/or Adults can one picnic table seat?
A: Our picnic tables can hold 10 kids or 8 adults comfortably.


Q: If it rains and I have reserved a picnic table, do I automatically move into a party room?
A: In regards to the rain contingent, our policy is to try and reschedule within 72 hours of the event. Although our splash pad will stay on while it’s raining, it would shut down in the case of thunder and lightning and we will do our best to accommodate you with a new date or accommodate your group at a table inside Bluestone. Keep in mind, this is subject to availability.


Q: Can I bring birthday decor for my picnic table?
A: Yes, you are more than welcome to decorate your table. Keep in mind, there is an umbrella in the middle of the table, so a normal tablecloth does not actually work.  Items cannot be hung from the umbrella. Balloons and/or piñatas are not permitted.


Q: Do you provide utensils for the food that we order?
A: Yes, your package comes inclusive of plates, cups and utensils.


Q: What does it cost to extend the picnic table rental?
A: The cost to extend your picnic table event would be $100 an hour and is subject to availability.


Q: Can I bring outside food and rent the picnic table from you?
A: No, the venue does not allow any outside food other than the birthday cake.


Q: What is the maximum amount of picnic tables I can rent at one time?
A: Each package comes inclusive of (2) picnic tables. One is designated for food and beverage and the other is designated for seating. Should your party require more than (2) tables, and space is available, we will do our best to accommodate the size of your event.


Q: Does my picnic table have an umbrella?
A: Yes, your packaged picnic table has a CHASE sponsored umbrella.


Q: How do we know which picnic table is reserved for us?
A: When entering the venue please head over to our Birthday greeting area (just beyond the Gelato Station).  Our staff member will escort you to your designated picnic table. Your table will also have a sign that says, “Reserved for _______”.