Group Biking Options

Free-For-All with Bikes

You’ve got a group so let them loose on a buffet-style ride-anything-you-want-party. This is great for groups that have riders of all abilities. It enables everyone to try any of the various types of bikes. Race along on a Deuce Coupe with a pal, grab five friends and take a Surrey for a spin, or enjoy a ride on a Beach Cruiser. We offer a wide variety of man-powered land vehicles, and this option allows group attendees to switch from product to product.

Surrey Scavenger Hunt

Whether your group is from work , school, or church, this adventure is always a favorite. The group that pedals together, stays together… of course that has a lot to do with the fact that everyone is riding the same bike. Our Surreys seat up to six people (with two additional seats in the basket for small children under 6 yrs). We spice it up a bit by getting your group into teams, setting up a course, adding a list of questions, clues, and riddles to be solved, and last but not least…IT’S A RACE!