R&L forward outside 3-turns, R&L forward open Mohawk combinations, hockey stop (ice)


R&L forward inside 3-turns, forward outside & inside edges, shoot-the-duck or lunge, bunny hop


Freestyle 1
Forward inside pivot, 2-foot spin, forward arabesque, backward edges (inside and outside), half flip jump, waltz jump


Freestyle 2
Ballet jump, waltz jump/tap-toe jump/2-turn or Mohawk/half flip jump, half Lutz, 1-foot spin, 2 forward arabesques (different edges), dance step


Freestyle 3
Backward outside or backward inside pivot, Salchow, change foot spin, backward arabesque, toe loop or toe walley, dance step
Freestyle 4
Flip jump, loop jump, sit spin, half-loop jump, 2 backward arabesques (different edges), dance step


Freestyle 5
Lutz jump, Axel jump, camel spin, camel-sit-upright spin, back scratch spin, dance step


Freestyle 6
Split jump, split falling leaf, axel-1/2 loop-flip jump, double Salchow, cross foot/layback/sit-change-sit spin, spin combo with 3 positions and foot change, dance step


Freestyle 7
Double toe loop/walley, 2 walley jumps in a row, combination spin, flying camel spin, one-foot Axel-1/4 flip-Axel), jump in opposite direction, dance step


Freestyle 8
Double loop jump, double flip jump, split Lutz jump, flying sit/Axel sit spin, 1 ¼ flip-1 ¼ flip-double Salchow, illusion/camel-jump-camel spin, dance step