Is curling on skates?

No. Curling takes place on the ice with sneakers and a rubber cover up.


How many people do you need to play a game?

You should have a minimum of 8 people to have two teams play against each other. A minimum of 4 is required for each team.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring sneakers and warm layers you will feel comfortable moving (lunging and running) in.


What is Curling?

Curling is one of the oldest team sports, played on ice, similar to shuffleboard. The game dates back to medieval Scotland where competitors slid common stones of various sizes across frozen lochs. Today the stones are standardized, composed of 42 lbs of granite with plastic handles bolted into the rocks. Curling gets its name from the spin placed on the stone once it is released. It has seen a rise in popularity since becoming a medal sport in the 1998 Winter Olympics.


How do you play?

  1. A game is played between two 4-person teams.
  2. Each team has eight stones to push across the ice toward a circular target area, or house, the very center of which is called the button; the center of the button is the tee.
  3. Once a stone is released, two teammates use brooms to fervently sweep a premeditated path that will place their stone closest to the button. The team leader, or skip, decides the best path for sweeping that will impact the trajectory or curl of the stone.
  4. The object of the game is to position your stones closest to the button at each end, which is much like an inning in baseball, and is completed once all 16 stones have been played. A game may have 8-10 ends.
  5. A point is scored for every stone nearer to the tee than any of the competitor stones.
  6. Plays may include finesse shots which glide perfectly to their marks (draws), knocking out oppositional stones currently in the house (take-outs), or deliberately placing stones in the path of a perfectly placed stone (guarding) to prevent a take-out of your own stone.


Do I need to know how to skate to curl?

Not at all! Curling is played with rubber-soled shoes. Clean sneakers with decent tread are suitable for curling. Please bring a clean pair to change into.


Can anyone curl?

Yes. Although it is a sport, curling is a game of strategy. You need to be able to push a 42 lb. stone across the ice. Sweeping is probably the most strenuous, but if you are able to sweep your house, you’re good to go. Ages can vary from children to seniors.


How long are the games?

The games are 1 1/2 hours long.


How many games can be played on the ice at any given time?

Games are played on a sheet of ice about 138 feet long and 14 feet wide. A standard arena can fit four sheets side by side, allowing 4 games to run at the same time.


How is the ice surface prepped for curling?

Pebbling is the process completed by the ice arena to prepare the ice for curling. Water droplets are sprayed and freeze on the ice’s surface to allow the stones to glide down the sheet of ice toward their marks. Without this pebbling, friction would hinder the lateral movement of the stone.