Parent & Me (ages 2-5)
Learn to Skate lessons for children and their caregivers, including toddler-friendly music. Parents are free, plus the ISI fee


Tot 1 (ages 4-6)
Proper way to fall/get up, marching in standing position, marching while moving


Tot 2 (ages 4-6)
Two-foot jump in place, forward swizzle from standstill, single swizzle, beginning 2-foot glide


Tot 3 (ages 4-6)
Push and glide stroking, preparation for stop, dip, forward swizzles (3 consecutive)


Tot 4 (ages 4-6)
T-position and push, backward swizzles (3 consecutive), 1- and 2-foot snowplow stops (ice), backward wiggle


Beginner (ages 7 and up)
Follows Tot 1 and 2 curriculum


Two-foot glide, one-foot glide L&R, forward swizzles (3 consecutive), backward wiggles and swizzles


Forward stroking, forward crossovers both ways, one-foot snowplow stop (ice)


Backward stroking, backward crossovers both ways, “T” stop both ways


R&L forward outside 3-turns, R&L forward open Mohawk combinations, hockey stop (ice)


R&L forward inside 3-turns, forward outside & inside edges, shoot-the-duck or lunge, bunny hop


Freestyle Levels 1-10
Advanced jumps, spins, arabesques and footwork


Adult Beginner
Follows Beginner to Pre-Alpha curriculum


Adult Intermediate
Follows Alpha-Delta curriculum


Adult Advanced
Follows Freestyle curriculum